Emergency roadside assistance application.


Gruap is an application designed to provide emergency roadside assistence. Users are able to quickly specify the details of problems that they are facing, which in return enables the application to assign a serviceman accordingly. Before the service is started, the user can select an offer that is best suited for them. Also, a detailed map with a traced location of the driver/serviceman is displayed together with his details in order to ensure that they can locate each other easily. If the users car is required to be towed, a map will be displayed that shows the shortest route to the towing destination. Drivers location can be monitored by the user in real time to ensure that the user at any time knows where his car is.

Technologies we used in developing GruApp application.

ionic framework
PHP7 & mySQL
Yii2 framework
Git Version Control

Implementation of, at that time unknown, local payment providers as well as using google maps and push notification services to comunicate between users and drivers, while at the same time balancing location quality and refresh rate to achieve the best user experience, keeping in mind google API's restrictions, proved to be very interesting challenging. We overcame those challenges with a variety of setups and some rigorous testing.

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