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CODEBLUESTUDIO is a mobile application development company focused on emerging technologies.
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Flutter is Google's UI toolkit for creating beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, desktop, and web from a single codebase. We have recognized the potential of Flutter even before the release of the first stable version, so our developers have already built a substantial number of applications with this framework. Flutter has already gained trust of the big enterprises and startups such as Tencent, Google Ads, Alibaba, AppTree, The New York Times.

By developing Flutter-powered applications, we help our clients reach their business goals faster, thus containing costs.


Our Flutter services:

Application development services provided by CODEBLUESTUDIO can be summarized into these three characteristics:
Fast Development

Taking into account our expertise and the fact that Flutter enables developers to built applications for Android and iOS from one codebase, then fast development is a logical sequence of events.

Expressive and Flexible UI

One of Flutter's core tenets is the first-class support for creating expressive and flexible mobile UI, which by using the concept of ready-made widgets that can be used to build complex UIs.

Native Performance

It is safe to say that in most cases Flutter application performance will be indistinguishable from the native app, as Flutter application is built directly into the native code.


Latest Flutter work:

We make high-quality, useful and beautiful mobile & web applications. Some of our latest and the most proud works are listed in our portfolio.


Forza is the only online service for instant loans in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In this project the goal was to create a simple application for applying for instant loans. In three easy steps select how much you would like to get and when to pay back, fill out application form and receive the money.

Let us help you bring your ideas to life.

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